Better Safer Playground Services
BSPS is a local family run business specialising in playground inspections and safety audits for local government, schools, child-care centres and private business.

Better Safer Playground Services, was established in 2008 to provide a practical and thorough playground inspection service by a qualified Playground Auditor who has extensive experience inspecting and maintaining playgrounds. Formerly known as Bruce Stephens Playground Services, the company is still led by Bruce Stephens and the new name reflects our commitment to safer play spaces.

BSPS prides itself in providing independent, thorough, consistent and professional playground inspections and audits. Our strength is our consistency in assessments, our eye for detail, and our practical experience in modifying playground equipment to meet the Australian Standards.

At BSPS we believe that regular playground inspections and on-going playground maintenance is essential to ensure that safety is maintained. Potential playground injuries can be reduced with regular inspection and maintenance, and costs can be reduced if playground components are maintained rather than being left until equipment breaks and has to be replaced.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your playground equipment can enhance your public image and community relations, and can more importantly extend the working life of your expensive and much loved playground assets.

Our Services

Playground Inspections

BSPS can inspect all makes of playground equipment to help you achieve a Better, Safer Play Structure.

Playground Maintenance

Playground maintenance should only be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

Impact Testing

Falls from the equipment cause the largest number of injuries sustained in playgrounds. Surfacing materials should be checked regularly.

Design Review + Project Management

We have been supervising the installation of playground equipment for many years and have worked closely with landscape architects, playground managers and play equipment manufacturers to create safe playgrounds that comply with the Australian Standards.
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